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A little bit about the Mayor of Wyville...

Heather Wyville was elected to her first term as Mayor of Wyville in 2006 and was re-elected in 2012. She won by a landslide. Under Heather's leadership she has brought a wide array of strong and visually astounding product packaging, print materials, advertising, brand identity, pattern design and illustration to many lands. Heather is a very strong proponent of fine design and will fight to the end for the people who come to her with a need for creative revitalization.


Some of our visitors...

Benefit Cosmetics
Bling Wipes      
Crate and Barrel        
Discovery Channel
Eli’s Premium Ketchup
La Belle Fifi
Marin Power Yoga
Marin Symphony
San Francisco Sketchfest        
Tempo Marine      
Tricycle Records